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Meditating Outdoors

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Meditating on Bed


Get Organized 
& Feel Better

Capitalism and Toxic Productivity messaging are stealing our joy as human beings. Practicing Mindfulness, Meditation, and Minimalism helps us silence the noise, connect with ourselves, and hear our inner voice. You have the right and the power to design a life that is peaceful, fulfilling, and tailormade for you.

Mature Businesswoman


Craft Your Career
Around Your
Passion & Purpose

Everyone has something unique and powerful that they bring to the world. Many of us were not encouraged to find and develop that gift as young people, so we wound up in careers we were not passionate about. It's never too late to identify your gift and craft a career that allows you to work in a meaningful way.

Group of Friends


Events & Travel

We are not here on Earth to just work, pay bills, and die. There's a whole world to explore! Through travel we are able to broaden our perspectives, meet new people, learn new things, have life-changing experiences, and deepen our compassion for others and the Earth. At NTN, we make travel accessible to all!

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