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Note the Nuance was founded in 2008 by one musician, serial entrepreneur, and worldschooling mom of 4, 

"There is no such thing as 'too good to be true.' We deserve every good thing."

-Uni Love


"Like so many of us, I approached my adult life like a checklist that was handed to me by my family and society:

  • Go to college

  • Get a good paying job with benefits

  • Get married

  • Buy a house and two cars

  • Have kids and send them to the best schools possible

  • Work hard 5 days a week

  • Try to relax on the weekends (but end up still working)

  • Go on vacation with your family once a year

  • Work for 40 years, retire at 65, and then travel more.


After living this way for years and suffering from depression, anxiety, a number of chronic physical illnesses, a lack of fulfillment, and feelings of hopelessness, I was exposed to three new concepts that changed my life forever.

  1. Minimalism

  2. World Schooling and

  3. There is no such thing as 'too good to  be true'.


I have since dedicated my work life to educating others on these alternative lifestyle choices that enable us to live simply, work meaningfully, travel safely, spend more time with our loved ones, and live an overall more fulfilling and impactful life. The Note the Nuance Lifestyle Memberships and associated products for individuals and entrepreneurs have all been crafted with the goal of freeing people from workplace slavery and mental limitations. I look forward to working with as many brave people as possible to change their lives."


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